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Traditional Instrument Maker

An Introduction to Maltese Music

Meet the Artisan

Francesco Sultana

Finding Francesco is never a problem, just allow yourself to be drawn to the hypnotic sounds of the traditional żummara and follow it to the source. When you get there, you will be greeted by our friendly musical instrument maker, Francesco.

He's working to keep Maltese traditions alive by being one of few people still making, playing and educating us about Maltese instruments.


Francesco boasts a unique and wonderful assortment of instruments including the żummara, bronja and most interesting and rare of all, iż-żaqq (the Maltese bagpipe) which has to be seen to be believed!

Our expert Maltese musician holds the traditional Maltese bagpipe made from a goat during our traditional maltese music demonstration
What To Expect

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1h Duration

Flexible Start Time


  • See iż-żaqq, the traditional Maltese bagpipe unlike anything you've seen before 

  • Listen to the Żummara, a traditional Maltese reed pipe of Arabic origins 

  • Learn about the Bronja, a loud and proud conch shell with a specific history related to the millers of Malta 

  • Experience a masterclass on how to play and build some of these traditional instruments of Malta

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