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Team Building Activities

Nothing brings people together like adventure, discovery and... food!

Here at Malta Rural Tours we have all the ingredients to make your team building experience special, as they are designed for your teams to learn together, work together, and eat together. Most important, your team's members will have a great, memorable day togeter while connecting to the culture and tradition of rural Malta.


Explore our offerings below and contact us today: we will work with you to craft the perfect team building experience for your group!

A team enjoys an extra virgin olive oil tasting during the team building experience
Team-building Examples
A team works together to make pastizzi during the hands-on culinary workshop
Food made during the hands-on culinary experience

Duration: 2 hours

Hands-On Culinary

Learn from the best as you create your own version of a Maltese classic food. Whether it be a Ġbejna cheese making class or a pastizzi workshop you will learn about the tradition behind a Maltese classic 

Get Hands-On with our artisans as your team learns how to make Speciality Maltese Foods

Rural landscape during the rural day out experience
Fresh Maltese food being served during the rural day out experience

Starting from 4 hours

Rural Day Out

Eating together is the foundation of every team! We will serve a lunch for you comprised of the freshest local produce around.

Immersive your team into rural Malta and participate in some traditional Maltese practices with us on a local farm venue,

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