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About Us

What We Do 


 Embark with us on a journey to uncover the authentic essence of Malta. Our tours revolve around local individuals, traditional cuisine, and cultural heritage, providing a genuinely unique experience in the tranquil and charming corners of the country. Escape the conventional tourist paths as we delve into the untouched rural beauty and illuminate the often-overlooked island traditions.

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Why We Do It


We prefer to do things a different way from conventional tourism practices by crafting a form of tourism that is run by the locals, for the benefit of the locals. We do this by partnering with as many local farmers and artisans by empowering them to share their skills, traditions and products. These much loved and ever appreciated partners are the stars of our experiences who make every encounter a special one. This connection between local farmers, artisans and the tourist trade is helping to keep vulnerable traditions in Malta alive by making them more financially viable while keeping farmers, artisans and master craftsmen at work, doing what they love.

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How We Do It


This network of rural farmers and artisans did not just pop up overnight. Malta Rural Tours has a special partnership with Merill Rural Network. For over 14 years now, Merill has been forging  relationships with the rural community to connect them to the tourist sector. Merill is a social enterprise focused on empowering the rural community through tourism by supporting the people who work in Malta’s traditional industries to provide authentic tourism experiences. It is the work of Merill and the wonderful network they have created which makes Malta Rural Tours experiences possible. Without Merill we would not be here and we work closely with them to develop and maintain the network to spread the benefits of tourism to as many people as possible.

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10 Triq Is-Sirena, Senglea, ISL 1465, Malta    |  Tel:  +356 7710 3092

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