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Culinary Experiences

 Whether you want to experience the sheep farms where Malta’s speciality cheese Ġ​bejniet is made, try your hand at making Malta’s favorite street food ‘Pastizzi’ or just sit and be served the highlights in our traditional farmers lunch, our tours have every aspect, from farm to fork, of Maltese cuisine covered!

Food of Farmer`s Lunch.jpg

Food &Wine Trail

Discover Malta’s best quality food and wine on a journey around our islands. Choose from a half-day, full-day or custom built itinerary and see which of Malta's finest food producers you can meet: our skilled rural guide will introduce you to rural Malta's world! 

Build Your Own

Duration:  3 hours


Farmer's Lunch

Prepare to be treated to Bella's banquet of local & traditional delicacies as well as tasting Charlie's exquisite extra virgin olive oil

Experience traditional Maltese food at Charlie & Bella's tranquil olive grove 

Charlie & Bella, the hosts of the farmers lunch experience which serves traditional Maltese food and wine site in their tranquil olive grove in rural Malta
A table of traditional Maltese foods and local Maltese wine is laid out at a tranquil olive grove in rural malta during the farmers lunch tour

Duration: 2 hours

Pastizzi Making

See the techniques our master baker uses to ensure a perfect pastry every time and try your hand at making your own Pastizzi

Taste the unbeatably fresh and crispy Pastizzi made by our jolly Pastizzi Master Ġulinu

The hosts of the pastizzi making workshop experience
pastizzi maker moulds pastizzi into shape during the pastizzi making workshop
Our natural wine maker stands in his vineyard in rural malta explaining the process of winemaking and what makes good natural wines during our Maltese natural wines tour
Our natural winemaker guides a group of tourists through his vineyard explaining the natural wine making process during the maltese natural wines tour

Duration: 2 hours

Small-Scale Natural Winery

Taste unique natural wines made using ancient techniques where the winemaker mixes traditional methods with experimental flavours

Experience a winery visit like no other with the eccentric wisdom of the wine maker.   

Our winemakers stand in their vineyard explaining the process of growing indigineous grapes for local wine production during the vineyard experience tour
A view of the ancient city of Mdina overlooking the vineyard that grows indigineous Maltese grapes during the Maltese vineyard experience tour

Duration: 4.5 hours

Wine   Trail

Capitalise on a unique and increasingly rare opportunity to taste wine made from the indigenous grapes of Malta, the Girgentina and Ġellewża.

Spend an afternoon in the tranquil vineyards of Malta meeting the winemakers behind our premium wines

Duration: 20 mins



Get the smell of  freshly baked Maltese loaf wafting out the door of a traditional village bakery

Get the smell of fresh a freshly baked Maltese loaf wafting out the door of a traditional village bakery

Get a taste of Maltese life with a visit to a traditional village bakery



Our baker shows off freshly baked bread in his traditional local village bakery during the bakery experience tour
Fresh Maltese bread bakes in a traditional stone oven during the bakery visit tour

Duration: 1 hour

Sheep Farm Visit

Taste the different varieties of Ġbejna straight from the source and learn about its production

Visit a small scale sheep farm to see how Malta’s signature Ġbejna cheese is made

Our sheep farmer proudly presents the different types of traditional Maltese cheese, Ġbejna, during the sheep farm visit tour
A sheep at the sheep farm producing traditional Maltese sheeps cheese, Ġbejna, during the sheep farm visit tour
Our expert beekeeper explains the honey harvesting process during our honey tasting tour
A row of beehives on display during the honey tasting tour

Duration: 2 hours


Learn the intricacies of bee society and honey production from Mario's four generations of knowledge

Taste Malta's rich, pure multiflora honey from our expert beekeepers

A box of olives at the olive press, hand picked and ready to be pressed into extra virgin olive oil during our extra virgin olive oil experience tour
Olives flowing through the olive press during the olive press visit

Duration: 1 hour

Olive Press Visit

Learn about the complexities of creating extra virgin olive oil and if you are in season, see a small scale olive press in action 

Taste true extra virgin olive oil made at a small scale olive press

Duration: 5.5 hours

Foodie Trail

Discover the best the islands have to offer from our delicious honey, unique wines, speciality coffee and fresh pastizzi to name a few. This tour will provide the ultimate Maltese Culinary experience

Join our specially crafted tour designed to highlight the best of Malta's Cuisine

A table set with Maltes foods during the Foodie trail
Maltese cheese being served during the foodie trail

Duration: 2 hours

Olive Grove Experience

Enjoy a day at a tranquil Olive Grove in rural Malta learning about the world of extra virgin olive oil production, tasting premium olive oil right on the grove the olives were grown on.

Taste the unbeatable quality of Maltese Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive trees on the olive grove
Fresh ftira served during the Olive grove experience
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