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A baker in front of a traditional oven in a Maltese bakery during the traditional bakery experience

The Traditional Bakery Experience

The Heart of every Maltese Village

Meet the Bakers: 

Jonathan & Brian

At the heart of every Maltese village lies a reliable and quality bakery, and for Rabat, they rely on Falzon Bakery. Brothers Jonathan and Brian come from a family of bakers and have spent their lives kneading, mixing and timing their doughy creations to perfection. They have been serving the people of Rabat for over 15 years and will be doing so for many more to come.

With over a century of activity, this bakery is in operation 24/7, and the work that goes into a seemingly small village bakery is not to be ignored. Each crusty and fluffy loaf of Maltese bread, each perfectly iced village biscuit, and each warm freshly baked ftira requires a lot of work from our busy bakers

Bakers holding Malta's speciality bread, a freshly baked ftira in a small bakery during the traditional bakery tour
What To Expect
  • See the delicious display of pastries waiting inside the door of the bakery

  • Smell the scent of warm dough wafting down the street

  • Learn about the local specialties of Maltese bakers such as the ftira and biskuttini tal-raħal

  • Feel the heat coming out of the ancient wood-fired oven   

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1h Duaration

Flexible Start Time


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