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grapes growing on the vine during the natural winery tour

Small Scale Natural Winery

Wine made in Rhythm with Nature

Meet the Winemaker

Mark Cassar

Meet the winemaking wizard doctor Mark. With an unparalleled respect for nature and an abundance of patience, Mark makes natural wine - meaning he does not rush the natural cycle of winemaking. By adding no synthetic chemicals or pesticides, his wine is as natural as wines can be.

There are two main elements to this tour, the wine and the winemaker, and both must be appreciated with equal gratitude. While you taste Mark's unique and experimental CBD wine, you will be entertained by this winemaker's lively tales. This winery tour is truly a unique experience.

A winemaker stands proudly amongst his vines during the natural winery tour
What To Expect
  • See the cellar full of 'Qvevris' emulating the ancient Georgian winemaking style 

  • Taste the 100% natural wines and unique CBD wine

  • Learn about the natural process of making wine and how it differs from commercial production

  • Experience the winemakers eccentric energy and unique philosophies on winemaking and life itself!

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


2 Hours Duration

Flexible Start Time


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