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Charlie - Farmer

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

To be fair, Charlie (better known as Chully 'l-Lalu) is much more than a farmer. He's a beekeeper, olive oil producer, diver and even a former bouncer. In Malta, people have jobs but they also have hobbies that to just about everyone else - look like full time jobs. Charlie is a jack of all trades but his passion. We've known Charlie for well over 10 years, just as he was establishing an olive grove and farm in the rural area of Binġemma. Along with his wife Bella, they have cultivated an oasis that is nowadays enjoyed by visitors who want to learn about agriculture and just enjoy an afternoon or evening enjoying hand picked ingredients for a farmer's lunch with local wine. You'll often see him with one of his trusted dogs, a Pharaoh Hound known as Tal-Fenek in Malta for its great rabbit hunting abilities.

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