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Artefacts restored by our gilder

Master Gilder Experience

With the Man who Touches History

Meet The Gilder

Pierre Darmanin

Walk into just about any church in Malta and you'll see beautiful statues and spectacular frames, it is likely that at some point in these objects' history it has touched the hands of the Darmanin family. Pierre is a sixth-generation gilder, and for him there is no better feeling than "when you are at top of a church restoring a work of art and you realize that you are touching art that others can only look at from below".  With the help of his 18th-century tools and his outstanding passion for gilding, Pierre will take you through the history of our islands and share with you secrets of this family’s increasingly rare profession. 

What To Expect
  • Learn about this rare art form while admiring the golden creations of our gilder 

  • Hear the story of the Darmanin's, a family who has been in the business since 1793!

  • See Pierre at work, employing traditional 18th-Century tools

  • Discover the famous Maltese Clock, connected to the Knights of St. John and the meanings of the different colours

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1 Hour Duration

Flexible Start Time


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