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Pastizzi Making Cooking Class

Shared & Private - 2 hours

Pastizzi are a popular and well-known traditional Maltese food. These hot, flaky, savoury pastries usually have a filling of irkotta (a Maltese variety of ricotta) or mushy peas. Enjoy the rare opportunity to make them yourself in a private home.


Food and Wine - Half Day Tour

Shared & Private - 4 hours

Meet the locals and enjoy freshly sources delicacies on a culinary journey that is off the beaten path.  Visit farmers and artisans to by local products and get a glimpse into their everyday life.  Savour your pickings in a private olive grove to cap off your experience. Enjoy free flowing wine.


Olive Grove Experience

Shared & Private - 2 hours

A tour in this exclusive location offers you a unique opportunity to explore local products with a special focus on Olive Oil, which is tasted together with other local delicacies. You may be engaged in different activities in accordance with the season, such as fruit picking.


A Day with the Chef (Malta Island)

Private -  6 hours

Enjoy the exclusive opportunity engage with a local chef as you source various food items across parts of Malta and then join with him in a cooking class or cooking demonstration in a beautiful setting. The meal will be dictated by your interests and considering any dietary restrictions.


Countryside Wineries Tour

Shared & Private - 4.5 hours

The day's experience will have you travelling to wineries in South Western Malta.  Experience premium quality, biodynamic natural wines at one winery and then travel a short distance on foot to another estate that comprises 4 hectares of terraced land that enjoys views of Mdina.

Small Scale Natural Winery and Vineyard

Shared & Private - 2 hours

Meet a unique winemaker as he shares his personal journey and passion for natural wines. After strolling through the vineyard, experience premium quality natural, biodynamic, vegan wines fermented using the traditional Georgian method.

Small-scale winery 9

Farm Lunch Experience

Private - 3 hours

The "Farmers' Lunch" is a unique experience to awaken the senses.  Set in beautiful rural surroundings, this unpretentious, yet abundant rustic meal is a blend of flavours and a real treat to those that appreciate seasonal, fresh and genuine local products. Enjoy free flowing wine.

SLIDER - Local Food display.jpg

Food and Wine - Full Day Tour

Shared & Private - 8 hours

An expansive program that adds to the Half Day tour which will have you visiting a countryside winery as well as the Pastizzi Making Experience.  Enjoy the day's harvest in a private olive grove to cap off your experience with free flowing wine.


Cheese and Wine Experience

Shared & Private - 2.5 hours

Local cheese and wine are a perfect combination.  The ġbejna is a traditional Maltese cheese made of sheep milk with a delicate taste and creamy texture.  It blends perfectly with our range of estate wines passionately produced using indigenous Maltese grapes.


A Day with the Chef (Gozo Island)

Private - 8 hours

Traverse the Gozo channel from Malta to arrive on very rural and picturesque Gozo Island.  Here you will meet with a local chef to discover the island's delicacies as well as engage with him in a cooking class or cooking demonstration. The meal will be dictated by your interests and any dietary restrictions.


Olive Mill and Vineyard Experience

Shared & Private - 3 hours

Visit two exclusive venues with the medieval city of Mdina set as its background. Enjoy a visit to an olive pressing mill while exploring the benefits  of extra virgin olive oil.  Then meet a family of grape-growers who are playing a key role in the preservation of Malta's indigenous grape varieties.

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