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A selection of maltese foods available on the food trail

Food & Wine Trails

Taste Authentic Malta

The Food & Wine Trail

Taste Authentic Malta

Malta may be a small country but it is full of big flavours! We have many signature foods being produced by talented farmers, bakers and cooks around the country and you can be sure you will find something you like. Whether you are a connoisseur of wine, a cheese-lover, appreciate good honey or are craving a hot crispy pastizzi, Malta’s cuisine has something for everyone!

Our food and wine trail is designed to let you craft your perfect culinary journey, visit our producers and see the care and effort required for each drop of extra virgin olive oil and every grain of sea salt. This tour will deliver Malta’s finest foods to you and give you a stronger appreciation for the people behind the scenes responsible for their production.

Browse our local partners in the ‘Culinary’ section of our website and decide whom you wish to visit. After this, return here build and book your custom food and wine trail. You're now ready to enjoy an authentic and truly local food and wine experience with us!

What To Expect
  • Taste the variety of flavours Malta has to offer from savoury pastizzi to sweet raw honey

  • Smell the scents of our vibrant Maltese food scene with freshly baked bread and rich olive oil

  • See the amount of sheer passion, patience and effort it requires to produce such high quality produce

  • Meet the wonderful people that make Malta’s food and wine so special

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off included


Min 3 hrs - Max 7 hrs 

Flexible Start Time

English or Maltese

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