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A falcon soars over the sky during the falconry experience

 Falconry Experience

Discover one of Malta's Oldest Traditions

Meet The Falconer

Lawrence Formosa



Lawrence has been handling falcons for over 40 years, yet still, after all that time, feels an incredible excitement every time he takes his birds for a flight. The reason for this? The unpredictability of nature! Each flight with Lawrence's birds will be unique and that is what he lives for!


Falcons on the Maltese Islands have a long and interesting history where at one point the birds were literally worth their weight in gold. For Lawrence, this certainly remains true, especially for his star bird Jessie, a Harris Hawk who's talent and skill in the air has brought notoriety to the pair. It's a pleasure to observe the special relationship Lawrence has with all his birds.

A falconer looks with awe at the large hawk perched on his arm during a falconry tour
What To Expect
  • See the birds glide majestically over the beautiful backdrop of rural Malta

  • Feel the weight of these incredible birds on your hand as you look them in the eye

  • Learn about the fascinating attributes of Lawrence's birds and their history in Malta

  • Experience the power and precision of nature in a up-close and personal encounter

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1 Hour Duration

Flexible Start Time


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