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Ghana folk singers perform for tourists in a rural location during the folk music experience

GĦana Folk Music Experience

Malta's Favourite Music

Meet the 'Għannejja'  

Johnny and Danny

Have you ever wondered where the first rap battle ever took place? Science is still searching for an answer to this question but there is a chance it was right here in Malta between two traditional għannejja (singers)!

This improvisation based form of folk singing is unique to Malta and guarantees that no two għana experiences will be the same. għannejja are an integral part of the cultural fabric of Malta and remain popular throughout the island today

Our folk singer performs for tourists during the ghana folk music experience
What To Expect
  • Experience Traditional Għana Singing to understand why it has been added to Unesco's List of Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 2021 

  • Hear the witty and improvised lyrics our seasoned għannejja come up with

  • Learn about the fascinating history of Għana singing, its origins and its development over time

  • Feel like a local enjoying popular Maltese entertainment that preserves the identity of its people

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Availability


Approximately 1h Duration

Flexible Start Time


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