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Agri-Technical Tours

Exploring Sustainable Agriculture

Agri-Tech Unveiled: 

An Educational Exploration

Learn about the technical and scientific side of farming with a special focus on the local context.  Engage in discussions with farmers, breeders and other agricultural professionals, to discover the relationship between agriculture and the environment and how research and innovation is being embraced in such a traditional and small-scale activity.

The partners we work with are always willing to support others who wish to take agriculture as a lifestyle or simply need a realistic and knowledgeable insight into the sector. 

What To Expect
  • This tour is offered all year round. 

  • Agricultural holdings included in the tours may vary according to availability. Amongst others, these include:

    • Hydroponics

    • Viticulture

    • Floriculture

    • Horticulture

    • Animal husbandry

    • Landscaping 

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off included


Approximatly 3h Duaration

Flexible Start Time

English or Maltese

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