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The Vineyard Experience

Discover Malta's Indigenous Wines

Meet the Winemakers: 

Carmel  Paul Cortis

Nestled at the scenic foot of Mdina’s bastions, you’ll find the vineyards belonging to the Cortis brothers, who have been growing many varieties of grape for thirty years. What started as a hopeful experiment by two young optimistic and ambitious men has now grown into a fruitful activity. 

Despite the hard work and long hours spent in the fields, Carmel and Paul still have a passion for what they do and claim that vines are part of them... they just love the process that brings grapes from the field to the bottle. The wine from this vineyard however is extra special, The Cortis brothers are among the increasingly rare number of vineyards that still produce wine with Malta's indigenous grapes, the Girgentina, and the Ġellewża making this the definition of local wine!

The Cortis brothers talk about the winemaking process in Malta during the vineyard tour

What To Expect

  • See the majestic Mdina overlooking the vineyard

  • Hear about the challenges of cultivating indigenous Maltese grapes for wine production

  • Meet the farmers conserving the Ġellewża and Girgentina grape variety

  • Learn about the small scale winery production and how it differs from larger scale international production

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


Approximatly 1h Duaration

Flexible Start Time


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