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Tree Planting or Plant Propagation
Private - 1 hour

Weaving is one of the world’s oldest trades. Here in Malta, the first known piece of weaving discovered dates back to around 800BC, to the time when the Phoenicians ruled the island. Enjoy the opportunity to engage with Antoine Vella in his workshop and test out your skills.

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Marine Life
Shared and Private Options

Connect with the Sea by embracing the beauty of nature and the sea surrounding the Maltese Islands. These educational tours include a boat trip for all ages that focuses on the beauty and importance of ecosystem's environment and marine life.

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Bird Watching
Private - 1 hour

The size and location of the Maltese Islands presents a great opportunity to see a myriad bird species - most especially during the migratory season. The islands are unique because they lie along one of the main European-African migration flyways.  Enjoy a private experience with a birding expert.

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Hunting and Fishing
Private Experiences Only

The time-honored tradition of  harvesting salt from salt pans occurs during the warmest months of the year on Malta and Gozo.  There are few families continuing this tradition including Żaren Darmanin. Meet with Żaren Darmanin's family to  enjoy a sea  salt harvesting experience!

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