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The bocci court ready to play during the bocci experience

Boċċi Experience

Malta's Favourite Sport

Meet the Players

Matthew Busuttil

If you want to feel truly Maltese, playing boċċi is a good place to start. Matthew is the owner of the Għaxaq Boċċi Club making sure players, both new and seasoned, can play the traditional sport. Boċċi animates the whole Island from May to October with its numerous competitions with players competing to be the next local champion.


It is not the competitiveness that makes boċċi special though, it is the spirit surrounding the game providing a place for locals to come and play and laugh together. This sport forms the basis of many communities and is a loved tradition in Malta

Locals watch the bocci game being played during the bocci experience
What To Expect
  • Discover the 'Maltese version' of boċċi, a game dating back to the Roman period and played all over Europe

  • Practice to perfect your throw and become the next village champion!

  • Get to know the local players by chatting with them while playing a match.

  • Enjoy some local snacks and drinks to relax after the game.

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1.5 Hour Duration

Flexible Start Time


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