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Rural Maltese landscape

 Beekeeping Experience

An Expert Beekeeper's Guide to Maltese Honey

Meet The Beekeper

Mario Sant

There is no man more knowledgeable about bees on the Islands of Malta than Mario Sant! A fourth-generation beekeeper with over 100 hives, Mario has a lifetime of experience working with these incredibly fascinating insects. No matter how much time you spend with Mario, he will always have more to say about his favourite creatures that you will start to think he may have been a bee in a previous life!


The passion Mario has for his bees is admirable and the gratitude he has for their work in pollinating our environment and producing delicious honey is evident. As he says, he has never made a drop of honey in his life, he just presents the work of his bees!

Our expert beekeeper explains the life of bees and honey production during our honey tasting tour
What To Expect
  • See traditional clay pot hives that were used to house bees in Roman times

  • Taste delicious pure Maltese honey 

  • Learn about the art of beekeeping and the intricacies of the community within the hive

  • Experience holding old hives and examining their incredible structure

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


2 Hours Duration

Flexible Start Time


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