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Hand weaved blankets seen during the weaving workshop experience

The Weaving Experience

In a Traditional Artisan's Workshop

Meet The Weaver

Antoine Tan-Newl

The rhythmic click and bang of Antoine’s 200-year-old looms will put you into a state of hypnotized awe as you watch our traditional master weaver create vibrant colourful items using pre-industrial technology.


Antoine is keeping alive one of the most vulnerable traditions on the islands of Malta and doing it with style! His top-quality products and knowledge of their creation are hard to find these days and deserve special appreciation. Wherever possible the wool he uses is sourced locally from neighbouring sheep farms helping to support the local economy.

Our expert weaver sits at his 200 year old loom weaving a blanket during the weaving experience tour
What To Expect
  • See a master craftsman at work with traditional equipment 

  • Learn about the production of textiles through a live demonstration

  • Experience for yourself how to make different patterns during textile production

  • Admire the top-quality creations our weaver can produce: blankets, bags, and cushion covers are ready to become a 'very local' souvenir

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


1 Hour Duration

Flexible Start Time


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