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Food & Wine Tour

The Best Flavours of Malta

The Food & Wine Trail

A True Taste of Malta

Malta may be a small country but it is full of big flavours! We have many signature foods being produced by talented farmers, bakers and cooks around the country and you can be sure to find something you like. Whether you like wines, cheeses or breads this tour is sure to impress.


Explore Malta's rural areas with us as we visit a variety of farmers and producers collecting local delicacies along the way. On this food trail we'll visit a bakery, winery & sheep farm culminating in a traditional farmers lunch made using ingredients collected during the day and a pastizzi making masterclass at a tranquil olive grove in a scenic rural area.

What To Expect
  • Smell the unbeatably fresh extra virgin olive oil made by a small scale olive grove

  • Taste Ġbejna, the signature cheese of Malta straight from the farm that produces it.

  • See the dazzling display of freshly baked treats at a local village bakery

  • Experience moulding filling and baking your own pastizzi pastry

Shared Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off included


Approximately 7h Duration

Start Time:


€XX Per Person

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