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Winemakers harvest grapes during the countryside wineries experience

Countryside Wineries Experience

Rural Winemaking Traditions

Maltese Wine

Our Best Kept Secret

The wines of Malta remain an undiscovered gem on the international stage and the reason for this is simple, we like to keep it all for ourselves! Maltese wines are rarely exported as most of our produce is consumed domestically, but worry not, we are here to give you a chance to taste this sought after product by visiting the people responsible for this premium product's production

On this tour we will take you off the beaten path to visit two countryside wineries in order to taste some of the finest local wines the country has to offer in some of its most scenic locations

Tourists share a glass of maltese wine togetehr during the countryside wineries tour
What To Expect
  • Taste some of Malta's finest local wines

  • Meet the winemakers responsible for Malta's prized product

  • See ancient winemaking techniques

  • Learn about the natural winemaking process and how it differs from modern production methods

Private Tour

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Available


Approximately 4.5h Duration

Flexible Start Time


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