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Tailor Made Experiences

We have a wide array of experiences from baking to bagpipes and everything in between! All of them however are authentically Maltese! Choose which area you are interested in to see who you can meet on your tour of rural Malta.. 

Malta Rural Tours is pioneering rural tourism in Malta by providing culturally authentic and sustainable experiences.

A sweeping shot of rural maltese landscape including small cottages and old stone walls

Born from a love of Maltese tradition and culture, Malta rural tours aims to guide travellers to Malta towards more authentic and enriching cultural experiences by partnering with local farmers and artisans around the island’s less travelled rural areas. We want to show you the true Malta by having local people present the keys for you to unlock our rich culture, favourite traditions and beloved foods.

Let us take you off the beaten path and show you idyllic locations, ancient traditions, our fresh local foods and the beautiful people that make all this possible by exploring rural Malta with us.

What Clients Say

Cant say enough about how awesome this experience was for us - very informative and educative. Highly recommend this for all foodies and nature enthusiasts.
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